Runaway Girl Army – Season Two Opening Movie

Runaway Girl Army is a story told in real time, by many characters, via blogs and other media.

It runs from January 2011 onward, over three Seasons.

Season One is now complete, with 102 chapters.

Season Two began on October 8, 2011.

Season Three is scheduled to begin in early 2016.

This movie is shot in the first person view of the main characters. It takes place in August, September and October, 2011, in:

Minneapolis, MN, USA
St. Cloud, MN, USA
Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

It is meant to set the scene for the story to come, and it also includes secret hints about what will happen in Season Two. You don’t have to watch it, but the story will have a lot more resonance if you do.

It is recommended that you have familiarity with the Bible and faith in God before you proceed, since that is the intended lens to read the story through. As an artist, I hope that my point comes across, but ultimately this story is about the fog and failure of lies, while the Bible and Jesus offers crystalline truth.

Here is one online copy of the Bible, if you don’t have one already.

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Season 2 – Table Of Contents

00) MovieSeason 2 Opening Movie Video

Season 2, Week 1 – “St. Cloud”

01) Karmic FreedomRandom Assaults Of Kindness
02) Karmic FreedomTo Dream Of Waking Up
03) Karmic FreedomStrangled By Mommy GPS

Season 2, Week 2 – “Countdown”

04) Karmic FreedomThe Lullaby Of White And Black Flames
05) Karmic FreedomContinental Bagel-Jam Explosion
06) Dark AntennaThe End Of All Existence Is December 31, 2011, 11:59 PST

Season 2, Week 3 – “Ghost Collective”

07) Karmic FreedomHaunted By The Ghost Collective
08) Karmic FreedomUninterrupted Z-Action

Season 2, Week 4 – “The Fifth Event”

09) Karmic FreedomFamous Last Words, Written In Ashes
– IllustrationThe Fifth Event
10) Dark AntennaFAQ update posted November 3, 2011

Season 2, Week 5 – “The Golden Sphere”

11) Dark AntennaSigns Of The End: The Golden Sphere Manifests

Season 2, Week 8 – “Exploding Alliance”

12) Dark AntennaOne Month Left

Season 2, Week 10 – “Cassandra”

13) Infinite SubwayIn the end….
14) Infinite SubwayA Gem Burning In The Dark Flames
15) Infinite SubwayCircle X Is Dead

Season 2, Week 11 – “The Bridge”

16) Infinite SubwayHer Hands Reaching Through
17) Dark AntennaThe Frisbee Diaries

Season 2, Week 12 – “The Final Door”

18) Infinite SubwayBattle Of The Bands
19) Dark AntennaYour Final Door Is About To Open
20) Infinite SubwayThe Plan Keeps Coming Up Again
21) Dark AntennaUnplugging The Electric Potato Chip Cabinet
22) Infinite SubwayNot With An “X”, But With A “Y”

Season 2, Week 14 – “Broadcast From Point Zero”

23) Point ZeroThe Clubhouse

Season 2, Week 15 – “Asherah”

24) Point ZeroMy Dinner With Sarah
25) Point ZeroStatic Speaking

Season 2, Week 16 – “Final Darkness”

26) Point ZeroThis Final Darkness
27) Point ZeroNarrative Straight Jackets

Season 2, Week 17 – “Coyote”

28) Dark AntennaThe New Year Zero
29) Dark AntennaDrinking From The Four Rivers
30) Point ZeroOpening The Satchel

Season 2, Week 18 – “Seven Worlds”

31) Point ZeroAre Boxes Made To Be Opened, Or Closed?
32) Point ZeroA Few Minutes To Breathe
33) Dark AntennaRaised By Dreams Of The Fourth World

Season 2, Week 19 – “Chosen Light”

34) Cosmic IndividualitiesThe World Of The End
35) Cosmic IndividualitiesMunich, Germany – November 20, 2011
36) Cosmic IndividualitiesTokyo, Japan – November 21, 2011