Season 1, Week 20 – “Plus One”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

91) All Hail The Fan GhostsDancing With The Spirit

After TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) met with Sasha OS (S.OS) in the WOF data from Satomi Kurogane’s apartment, she was convinced she only had one week left of freedom. She spent this time doing her favorite things, including browsing at various stores for things she would no longer be able to purchase. She also said goodbye to her mother, who’s memories were selectively restored so she could understand why Tokie had to leave.

During her window shopping, a woman introduced herself. She looked to be part Japanese, and similar in appearance to Yuma Natsume from Die Database. Tokie noticed that this woman also had some of her own physical characteristics, and some from Masae Ekiguchi as well. It turned out that this mysterious woman was actually Aurora, the Daughter of the Collective who controlled Energy, and who hadn’t been seen since the Fourth Event.

Aurora was torn apart by Cathy (Number 12) during the Fourth Event – her spirit was hidden away in the White, and her body was transmuted into electromagnetic energy and then dispersed throughout the solar system and beyond. It took a few months for Aurora to regain some control of her being, and an equal amount of time to get back to Earth. With the help of Ai Watson-Carver, her spirit was able to rejoin the physical plane, and her body was restored via a Resurrection Cloud, in the empty offices of Agartha Labs.

To speed up the process of re-creating her physical body, she borrowed the DNA of Die Database and Tokie via their blood. This meant her new, weakened body was a physical mashup of a few people, and it took her weeks to shift it back to her original form. By the time she found Tokie again, she was only part way finished with this process – she had spent the past few weeks cloaking herself from passers by in Tokyo, and gathering resources like clothes and money.

Aurora and Tokie spent their “last day” together in Ikebukuro, having a late lunch and window shopping. Aurora also knew about the “concert” that S.OS and the Nameless were putting on in Berkeley, California on July 4th – there was some unknown connection to Point One, and the last Suspender concert on Halloween in 1994. It also seemed that the Collective was aware of this event for months, and had been preparing for it, including at Ai’s 16th Birthday party, which Aurora said that she attended, even though she was not yet resurrected. Joey, the brother of MirrorPlay (Miranda), was also apparently involved in implementing a plan that “hasn’t even been properly tested”.

Aurora told Tokie that they could “visit” Miranda, who was currently underground with her mother. Since they needed a private, secure space for this, they found a hotel room in Ikebukuro, and then Aurora constructed a real-time hologram of Miranda, who was sleeping somewhere in the western United States. Tokie was strongly affected by seeing Miranda – she still was suffering from her unrequited love, and Aurora’s recent relationship with Miranda. Aurora told Tokie that it simply wasn’t possible for either of them to be involved with Miranda, since Ai and the Nameless had an agreement that Miranda, as the Chosen Light, was “selected from birth by the Nameless to be its final vessel…. Miranda is the bride, and the universe is her dowry.”

Aurora then told Tokie that the only way they could help Miranda would be if they worked together, rather than going after her individually. She also implied that Tokie and her had to “be together”, and that she had been thinking about that possibility for months, while she was lost in space. Tokie accepted Aurora’s physical advances, and they spent the night together in the hotel room. She found the experience to be transcendent, like “fucking a galaxy”.

Tokie and Aurora spent the 4th of July with final preparations, including preparing Tokie’s belongings for the “extraction team”, and picking up their outfits for the “Universal Prom” to be held that night in Berkeley.