Season 1, Week 5 – “Powers”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

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EurythmyGirl (Kaia) continued her training with Susanna from the Collective, also known as Number 8.

During self-guided exercises to learn more about her new abilities, Kaia used the Collective OS to try to make herself invisible in public. She attempted this at Olympiapark, the site of the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, and a popular recreational destination. Unfortunately, she miscalculated how much of her Energy Reservoir that would take, and collapsed after manipulating the minds of a few dozen people. Her Collective OS conscripted a member of the crowd to help her into a nearby restroom, and Susanna eventually came to bring her back home. When all was said and done, Kaia was a few minutes away from fatal injuries due to the misguided use of her powers.

Tokidokiducky (Tokie) continued to look for Miranda. She asked a member of the Die Database Fan Cloud in the Portland, Oregon area to do some research, and found that Miranda hadn’t attended high school for the past month, and that no one lived in her house during that time. Furthermore, it seemed that everyone in a 10 mile radius from Miranda’s home (where the Fourth Event took place) no longer remembered Miranda at all. Tokie concluded that Miranda’s mother, an ex-Collective member known as Number 12, not only physically took her daughter into hiding, but actually manipulated the Universal Structure to erase her tracks. All in all, Tokie estimated that over 2 million people had their minds altered by Number 12, via power she stole from the White (the energy/dimension that connects all life) and the Black (the energy/dimension that connects all matter).

After the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, the severe intensity of which Tokie believes was a result of Number 12’s actions during the Fourth Event, the members of Die Database left Tokyo to be with their respective families. While their Japanese tour has not yet been rescheduled, they announced that they are planning to come to the US for a cross-country tour, starting in the late Summer or early Fall. To help with their promotional efforts, they recruited some Fan Cloud members to lead Street Teams, including Hikarifan (Emily) from the San Francisco Bay Area. Emily, a relatively new Die Database fan, has befriended a number of Fan Cloud members, including Miranda, Tokie and Kaia.