Season 1, Week 2 – “Aurora”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

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22) All Hail The Fan GhostsLog 2011.3.5.txt

Despite initial reservations, MirrorPlay (Miranda) continued to meet with Aurora, a sixteen year old girl that claimed to be on a special mission. She admitted that TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) had been helping her follow Miranda around Portland for weeks. Miranda was convinced that Aurora was full of “crazy talk”, but was attracted to her nevertheless.

Aurora claimed that her parents were friends with Miranda’s mother, but there was a falling out between the adults when the girls were quite young. Aurora tried to convince Miranda that not only was her mother a former drummer in punk bands, but that she was a founding member of a super-secretive Collective of techno-revolutionaries. Her mother, who Aurora called Number 12, refused to allow the Collective to “etch” her daughter, a laborious process that has not yet been specified. The current Collective is run by Ai, a teenage girl with formidable power and influence.

Aurora and Miranda started an intense love affair – Miranda’s first – but after only a few days Aurora seemed to have a breakdown, warning Miranda that she was in terrible, impending danger, due to her status as the “chosen light”.

Miranda’s mother confronted her daughter about her new relationship. She had fond stories of her wild, musical youth, and described the Collective as sort of a cult or “distributed commune”, that she left in order to better raise her daughter and son Joey. She warned Miranda that Aurora seemed unstable, to not believe her stories of “imaginary struggle”, and to follow her bliss carefully.

The night of March 4, 2011, Aurora was invited into Miranda’s home for a “slumber party”, to which Tokie was also invited (virtually). Tokie had been jealous of Aurora due to her new romantic relationship with Miranda, but she still continued to work with Aurora on their mission.

Tokie and Aurora proceed to drug Miranda, a process that would allow her to temporarily connect to the “bodyweb” – the network that all etched Collective members share. Miranda was “naked” (not etched) and so could only connect under special circumstances. They claimed that the drug was the only way she was going to be able to survive the Fourth Event – a mysterious energetic “fracture” that appeared in Miranda’s room while she was in the hallucinogenic trance. Tokie and Aurora suggested that this “transpositional” event had happened hundreds of times before, and that they had been working to find a way to alter reality, and save Miranda from her fate. Aurora’s disclosure of her mission to Miranda in this “variant” has caused the Fourth Event to happen much sooner than in the past timelines.

While Tokie probed the Fourth Event from Tokyo, Aurora questioned Miranda about what she was experiencing. Miranda described being held captive, and tortured, at an unknown location that Tokie determined to be in October, 2011 – 7 months in the future. During this traumatic experience she yelled for her mother repeatedly, and Number 12 proceeded to enter the room and confront Aurora. Number 12 directly manipulated the fracture, and drew Aurora and Miranda into it. After the fracture closed, Miranda was still in the room, but Aurora was missing. Number 12 warned Tokie to never come in contact with Miranda again, or she would kill her. She then tended to her unconscious daughter.