Season 1, Week 3 – “Variant 237”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

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After the Fourth Event on March 4, 2011, Aurora was still missing and her new girlfriend MirrorPlay (Miranda) was completely offline.

TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) assumed that Miranda’s mother, the ex-Collective member also known as Number 12, was keeping her hidden.

Tokie got permission from Ai, the leader of the Collective, to share more information with the public about the overall shape of things, and how that related to the Fourth Event and the Collective. The hope was that information would lead to more recruits – people that could help the Collective meet their goals.

She explained that the Universal Structure, the sum total of all existence, was currently running through a loop, starting at Point One in the year 2000, and ending in Point Zero sometime around 2011 and 2012. During this loop, which had happened 237 times thus far, Seven Events occured, the exact nature of which have not yet been specified. These Events intruded into normal space and time, eventually leading to the complete dissolution of all existence.

Each time this happened, Ai and other members of the Collective were put to the task of starting the loop over again, after adjustments were made that hopefully would allow the next variant reality to circumvent the end. Ultimately, the Collective sought to move past Point Zero and the loop, and continue on into a promised future. Ai’s eventual daughter, Sarah, had been in contact with the Collective for decades from that future, trying to guide them to the Solution that would repair the Structure, and allow time to continue.

Besides Ai and the Collective, the Nameless is also caught in the loop. The identity and role of the Nameless is currently unspecified, but the Collective believes that if the Nameless escapes past Point Zero, then all of the Structure will be lost.

Tokie took part in all 237 variants, and she selectively remembered parts of each, especially the many times that Miranda died. If Miranda did not make it to Point Zero, along with the other necessary variables, then there would never be a Solution.

Tokie has resigned herself to try to fix things, yet is depressed after watching the world and everyone she cares about getting destroyed in each variant, different ways each time.

Variant 237, our current existence, recently experienced a Causal Collapse that accelerated the usual timetable of Events. This was of great concern to Tokie and the Collective – they were not sure of the cause, or how it would affect the Structure.

EurythmyGirl (Kaia), the ex-girlfriend of Phone (Brian Thomas), arranged to have his ashes and personal effects flown to Germany, so she could fulfill his last wishes. Tokie and the members of Die Database were instrumental in getting this to happen.