Season 1, Week 4 – “Pure Land Antenna”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

32) Cosmic IndividualitiesThe timely death of Kaia S.
33) Cosmic IndividualitiesMy body, jailbroken

EurythmyGirl (Kaia) met with Susanna from the Collective, also known as Number 8. Number 8 had traveled to Munich not only to deliver the ashes of Phone (Brian Thomas), but to recruit Kaia into the Collective, as per Ai’s orders.

Kaia was very conflicted about joining the Collective, in part because she was uncomfortable with the though of becoming etched. All Collective members are given invisible tattoos that connect their physical and spiritual selves with the universe, via marks that join their energy meridians and chakras with proprietary circuit designs. Number 8 took over her apartment, and forced Kaia to stay at a hotel for a day, to think things over. Eventually, Kaia felt that she had no choice, particularly if she wanted to respect Phone’s final wishes by spreading his ashes – Number 8 wouldn’t give the ashes to her unless she joined.

When Kaia came back to her flat, to speak with Number 8 about the Collective, she found all of her possessions were gone. She initially responded by trying to attack Number 8, which was futile – Number 8 was seemingly all-powerful. Then, as Kaia was prepared for etching – including shaving her head – the two of them came to an understanding about the role of Phone in both of their lives. He had been involved with both of them over the years, and despite how it seemed, Susanna (Number 8 ) was sure that he loved Kaia the most. Susanna promised to look after Kaia, her new partner, in this and all other variants.

The etching process took over 50 hours, followed by recovery and initial training. Kaia found out some of the broad powers she now held, along with some limits. Essentially, any bodily process, down to the molecular level, was now under her direct control. Her senses were augmented, and she also had new ties to the Structure (the complicated mechanism that governs all existence), the White (the energy/dimension that all living things are connected to), and the Bodyweb (the network between all Collective members). Her body was now governed by the latest version of the Collective OS, which was based on the work of the mother of the technology, Sasha.

She also found out that Phone’s attack of Satomi Kurogane from Die Database was seemingly caused by someone hacking the jacket he was wearing at the concert. All Pure Land Antennas (those etched with Collective tech) can interface with circuit clothes, to further augment their abilities, and Phone’s jacket was changed so that anyone who wore it wanted strongly to kill Satomi. Kaia’s mission would be to examine all members of the Die Database Fan Cloud, to look for suspects. She also needed to find out why Satomi was a Pure Land Antenna, but didn’t seem to know it – she had deactivated etching all over her skin, that only other Collective members could see.

Tokidokiducky (Tokie) had never been etched, although she was a a defacto member of the Collective. She warned Kaia that once the “honeymoon” wore off, she would find herself a puppet of the Collective (and by association, of Ai), rather than a “superhero”. Kaia dismissed this wholesale, and also told Tokie that Phone’s ashes would be taken care of next week.