Season 1, Week 7 – “antizine”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

43) All Hail The Fan GhostsEverything But The (Birthday) Girl

44) Cosmic IndividualitiesRewinding the tape
45) Elixir of MateriaStreet Team Report: WonderCon Video
46) All Hail The Fan GhostsQuick Miranda Update

EurythmyGirl (Kaia) had almost completely recovered after her serious misuse of the Bodyweb two weeks ago. She spent her free time studying the antizine Fragments, a selection of writing from current and former Collective members, that covered events in Variant Zero up to and including the year 2000 and the first few Events.

Specifically, she focused on a few antizine Fragments that Sasha OS had provided, which covered the events leading up to the creation of the Collective, and the death of Sasha Williams in 1994. A fragment code-named Into The White included information about the core collective, namely the true identities of the “Numbers”:

Sasha – Number 0 (former leader of the Collective)
Laura (Frisbee) – Number 1 (Ai’s mother)
A-Bell (Annabelle) – Number 2
Jenny – Number 3
Jo (Joan) – Number 4
Caroline – Number 5
April – Number 6
Susan – Number 7 (Aurora’s mother)
Susanna – Number 8 (Kaia’s partner)
Rebecca – Number 9
Elizabeth – Number 10
Isabel – Number 11
8-Track – Number 12 (Miranda’s mother)

TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) was depressed since MirrorPlay (Miranda) was still missing after more than a month. Tokie had an elaborate plan to celebrate Miranda’s 16th birthday, which was on March 31, 2011, but she couldn’t carry it out due to her absence.

HikariFan (Emily) had success with the Die Database Street Teams, and also started to help Die Database look for a club to play at in San Francisco. During her search, Emily started to notice a few photographs that seemed to show Miranda in unusual situations – partying at a club, searching for men at a dating site, and the like. She shared her findings with Tokie and Kaia, but the only conclusion so far is that the photos seem to be fake. However, they hope that this false sighting of Miranda will lead to evidence of her real location.