Season 1, Week 11 – “Bodies”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

62) Point ZeroYou Can Handle The Truth
63) Die DatabaseMasae Ekiguchi Interview
64) Elixir of MateriaRiding On The Rocket
65) All Hail The Fan GhostsYou Princes Of Script Kiddies

Ai Watson-Carver was uncharacteristically specific about her role in the Council at Point Zero, and the problems they are facing. It seems that Embodied ForcesSpace, Time, Energy, Matter, Spirit, Consciousness and Information – don’t have access to an “instruction manual” explaining what should happen at Point Zero. Therefore, they’ve been using each Variant to construct possible solutions, to no avail. For example, adjusting the afterlife to reflect the Western ideas of eternal peace or punishment, heaven and hell, only lead to chaos. Due to this instability, all Variants of our reality (from Point One to Point Zero) seem to be separated from the Universal Structure at large, by unknown forces, lest they infect everything.

Ai also explained how the Nameless was able to take over EurythmyGirl (Kaia) – her connection to the White was severed, replaced by one to the Nameless. This was an advanced form of what has been happening all during human history – possession or some mental illness being examples of entities subverting spiritual connections for their own means. She also revealed that MirrorPlay (Miranda) is the born agent of the Black (Matter), just as Ai is the agent of the White (Spirit). A final force, Consciousness, was brought up in passing, but the identity of the person that embodies it is still unspecified.

HikariFan (Emily) was focused on school, and her attraction to a customer at the café she works at. She also enjoyed the interview with Masae Ekiguchi, the drummer from Die Database. That interview was wide-ranging in its trivia, including the fact that Masae was a fan of Joan Gordon, the lead singer of Intruder Alert! and Suspender, and founding member of the Collective.

TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) continued to follow the trail of Miranda’s stolen Ghost. She was able to determine that a total of 64 Ghosts (all from young girls and women) were taken from Die Database Fan Cloud members, something that Agartha Labs’ advanced security measures should have prevented. Tokie told how her Ghost was used as a prototype for the system, and still has debug code that allowed her to switch Ghosts with Miranda on numerous occasions. That special connection allows her to partially track the moments of Miranda’s Ghost, but she had yet to firmly establish its location. She also revealed that all Ghosts have special, inactive code that allows them to penetrate networks – code that was meant to help users navigate firewalls to more easily attend virtual concerts, but could also be used nefariously, if it got into the wrong hands.

Tokie also explained how Die Database did not exist in previous Variants, and how she had never met Satomi, Masae or Yuma before now. This means that Agartha Labs is also new to this Variant, and that most notable events are unprecented. The question is – why is Variant 237 so “new, weird and simply more intense than before”?