Season 1, Week 9 – “Wake”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

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56) Cosmic IndividualitiesFreedom for rent
57) All Hail The Fan GhostsChasing The Twins
58) Die DatabaseSatomi Kurogane Interview

EurythmyGirl (Kaia) attended the “funeral party” for Phone (Brian Thomas) which was held on Sunday evening in a warehouse a few kilometers to the north of Munich, Germany. All active members of the Collective attended, thanks to Helena, who teleported them in from around the world. Helena also cleaned the warehouse of printing equipment before bringing in a stage, full bar, and various other temporary structures.

Cassandra, Helena’s sister, seemed distracted, and was wearing the same pajamas that Miranda had on during the Fourth Event. Kaia noticed this, and when she stopped to talk to Cassandra for a few moments, she told Kaia “I forgive you. And I hope you die in flames.” Cassandra had control of all aspects of time, and it wasn’t clear until a few moments later that she was speaking of future events involving Kaia.

Right before this time, Cassandra and Helena had removed TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) from Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and brought her a few hours into the future, to the same warehouse in Munich where the party was being held. At that time, Ai and Susanna pulled Kaia aside, and apologized for events that had not yet happened. Specifically, Susanna lamented that she could no longer watch over Kaia, and Ai said that she had “cheated” by traveling to the Fifth Event (which takes place in October), with Cassandra and Helena. Due to this, she had lost control of Kaia to the Nameless, for unspecified reasons.

The next events happened in only a few seconds – from the back of the warehouse, Tokie saw Number 12 arrive. Then, Kaia was removed from the Bodyweb and Ai’s control by force, and a wave of “random numbers” took over her body. She rushed towards the stage, and blinded Helena with her thumbs before throwing her to Number 12. After Number 12 disappeared with Helena, Kaia attacked Susanna on stage, forcibly removing her spirit from her body before she decapitated her, crushing her skull.

Cassandra immediately removed Kaia from the warehouse on Sunday night, before the Collective could counterattack. They traveled back to Friday afternoon, before Helena had started to prepare the space for the party. Cassandra told Kaia to wait in the warehouse for a day, and then travel back to Munich to a storage unit that Susanna had prepared. It contained the full contents of Kaia’s apartment, that were mysteriously removed right before she became a part of the Collective. Kaia did not know her things were kept in this way, until Susanna told her on Sunday morning, giving her the key to the unit. Kaia followed these instructions, and waited in the storage unit until 14:00 on Sunday – this meant that an earlier version of Kaia was elsewhere in Munich, preparing to go to Sunday’s party.

After Cassanda gave Kaia her instructions, she traveled back to the party, during the aftermath of Susanna’s death. Ai approached Tokie, and told her her they would not see each other again until the Fifth Event in October. Cassandra then moved Tokie back in time to Sunday morning, in the same warehouse, and told her to travel to the storage unit by 14:00. She arrived there in time, and opened up the unit only to find Kaia there, crying uncontrollably, surrounded by piles of her things.

Before she had time to start consoling Kaia, Tokie was interrupted by Cassandra, now wearing the same fiber-optic wig and silver jump suit she had on when she arrived in Munich, and Helena, her eyes wrapped by bloody bandages. The two “Space/Time” twins then took Kaia away by force to meet with the Nameless.

Satomi Kurogane of Die Database was interviewed by her friend Junk Magnet (Nick). They had known each other since Satomi had lived in Berkeley, California for a few years, from 2005 to 2007. During that time, Satomi had been involved with Jenny Samuels, one of the founding members of the Collective, and the creator of the small press publication, antizine. Nick had known Jenny and Laura Elizabeth Watson-Carver (Frisbee) since they were teenagers, and helped them publish some of their writing right before antizine ended. Nick published some of this work under his own name, in print and online, due to Laura’s insistence. Those pieces are now known as the antizine Fragments, and they cover events up to and including the year 2000. However, they are from Variant Zero, and tell a history that is significantly different than what is known today. It is unclear how Satomi and Nick are aware of these events, and how much of the “leaked” documents are true, or encoded.

In the interview, Satomi discussed her initial inspiration for Agartha Labs, her company that now bankrolls Die Database. She also detailed how Jenny seemed to be a “zombie” during this period, barely engaging the world, which was in stark contrast to her dynamic youth. Ultimately, it was this torpor, combined with obsessive behavior, that lead to the end of their relationship. Jenny and Satomi haven’t seen each other since 2007. Kaia also mentioned in her last blog post that Jenny was “the Collective’s prisoner”, without further explanation.