Season 1, Week 10 – “Number 12”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

59) Elixir of MateriaThe Imaginary War
60) All Hail The Fan GhostsFollowing The Blue Pajamas
61) Point ZeroLies and Metaphors

HikariFan (Emily) no longer believes that TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) and EurythmyGirl (Kaia) are telling the truth on their blogs. She can’t comprehend how tales of the Collective, universal conspiracies and time travel can possibly be true. So, she had pledged to ignore Tokie and Kaia for the time being, and focus on her promotional work for Die Database. Emily also has decided to keep looking for MirrorPlay (Miranda) on her own – even if she can’t be certain that the girl she knows as “Miranda” even exists.

Ai Watson-Carver explained more about her role in the Universal Structure, although in a puzzling way. It seems that she is now responsible for the transition of the spirits of “everyone who has ever lived” into the White. She also described how “the kind of world you believe in is the world you get”, implying that it was the sheer focus on apocalyptic thoughts and prayers throughout history that is leading to current apocalyptic events.

Soon after they took Kaia away to meet with the Nameless, Cassandra and Helena dragged Tokie through space and time, first back to Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and then to Portland, Oregon. There seemed to be a pattern to their constant travels, but Tokie didn’t understand it until they reached Portland, right after the Fourth Event on the night of March 4, 2011. Tokie had assumed that something terrible had happened to Miranda – the last time she saw her virtually, she was unconscious. Instead, she found her mother, Cathy (Number 12 in the Collective) lovingly tending to her daughter in the bathroom.

At the Fourth Event, Cathy had threatened to kill Tokie if she had anything to do with Miranda again. Since Tokie persisted, Cathy took that as a sign that her love for Miranda was true, and thus brought Tokie to that moment to recruit her – she was apparently making a non-Collective force designed to combat the Nameless. Once Miranda woke up from the drug that Aurora had given her, she was shocked and confused by Tokie’s physical presence in Portland. Cathy then told Miranda that they had to leave Portland immediately, and could never return. She also told Tokie that she couldn’t go with them, and that she had to return to late April.

Cathy told Tokie that it was Ai Watson-Carver that had been lying all along, about why Tokie and Miranda had to be physically kept apart, and about what Aurora’s mission was. She asked Tokie to find out who had stolen Miranda’s Ghost, to save Kaia from the Nameless, and to not kill Cathy the next time they met. The implication was that in the next few months after the Fourth Event, Cathy would also be taken over by the Nameless – it was unrevealed whether this had already happened by the time of her appearance at Phone’s funeral.

After Cassandra and Helena took Tokie back to the present in her bedroom in Ikebukuro, Helena threatened Tokie, due to an unspecified reason – apparently Tokie had done something terrible in the future, and Cassandra’s insistence was the only reason she had not already killed her. As they left, it was still unclear what side the twins were on – were they controlled by Ai, the Nameless, Cathy, or did they have their own agenda?

Finally, Tokie quit her job at Circle X, so she could devote her time to Miranda – despite their brief meeting in Portland, she was still missing in the present, and her ghost was still being abused.