Season 1, Week 12 – “Auction”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

66) Elixir of MateriaHaunted
67) All Hail The Fan GhostsCrashing The Ghost Auction
68) Elixir of MateriaFunny “Ghostbusters” Reference Omitted
69) Die DatabaseYuma Natsume Interview

While studying hard for her final exams, HikariFan (Emily) found out that her Ghost from the Die Database Fan Cloud had been stolen. Her roommate found a video advertisement that included Emily in a bikini. Emily was extremely concerned about this, worrying that friends, families or strangers would see these false images, and so she contacted TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) for help, even though they had been fighting (Emily told her never to contact her again).

Tokie was able to track down Emily’s ghost, by examining the spoofed signals that its activity gave off. She found a GhostServer that was pretending to be from Agartha Labs, but in actuality was a shell for a very unusual computer system. That system easily resisted Collective intrusion code, and seemed to be an unique variant of BSD Unix, split off from the normal source around 1986 – it acted like no other OS she had ever come across.

The strange GhostServer seemed to recognize Tokie’s Ghost, and indirectly sent it to an equally spoofed GhostClient. Usually, a Die Database Fan Cloud member would run the client on their everyday computers, thus getting access to concerts and other virtual environments. This time, the GhostClient gave Tokie’s access to a Ghost Auction – a virtual environment where the 64 stolen Ghosts were being sold to the highest bidder, along with proprietary source code from Agartha Labs.

Tokie found and bid on Emily’s Ghost, which was presented giant size in a football stadium, and her competition was a mysterious person using the Ghost of MirrorPlay (Miranda) as their avatar. It was wearing the same blue pajamas that Miranda had on the last time she was logged in (at the Fourth Event). Eventually, Tokie was able to purchase Emily’s Ghost for 300 Million Yen, and Miranda’s Ghost told her she would have to pay a lot more if she ever wanted control of Miranda’s image again. After retrieving the Ghost, Tokie was shut out of the auction before she could purchase the other stolen Ghosts. After that, she spent her time trying to find out who was controlling the Auction, and the unusual computer systems behind it.

In an in-depth interview, Yuma Natsume told more about her childhood, and revealed that EurythmyGirl (Kaia) was her English tutor when she was young, around the year 2000. What’s more, after she had moved from her parent’s home in Hakone to Tokyo, Yuma was contacted by Kaia Strauss again, and they were spending time together the night that Yuma met Masae at the Circle X convenience store in 2008 – the event that lead to the creation of 99% Natural and Die Database. Kaia had never mentioned her stay in Japan, nor her friendship with Yuma, to any members of the Die Database Fan Cloud, and is still missing after Cassandra and Helena took her from Munich a few weeks ago.

Yuma also told about her musical influences, her creative work behind the scenes on [Massive Cloud Burst], and her plans for the upcoming Die Database US Tour. She did mention that the last time she visited the US in 2010, to work as a model, the one-of-a-kind holographic dress that Satomi Kurogane made for her was stolen soon after she wore it during Fashion Week events.