Season 1, Week 13 – “The Nameless”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

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72) Elixir of MateriaBabysitting The Trouble Twins

Ai Watson-Carver invited HikariFan (Emily) to her 16th Birthday party, but Emily declined the invitation – she thought her talk about the Universal Structure and the afterlife to be insane, or at least unprovable. However, Emily started to change her mind, after her mind was literally changed by Ai – by Sunday at noon she wanted desperately to go to the party. Right on cue, Ai showed up and escorted Emily to her house, which was mentally hidden from public view somewhere in Berkeley.

Annabelle (A-Bell) Ai’s godmother, welcomed Emily to their home, and told her some details about John Carver and Laura Elizabeth Watson-Carver, Ai’s parents who died when she was only 5 years old. A-Bell also showed off part of her book collection, with volumes saved from all past Variants.

Emily was shocked when Amber, Ai’s other godmother, suddenly appeared in the kitchen along with Cassandra and Helena – either it was an amazing magic trick, or they really could teleport through space and time. She spent the rest of the party getting to know everyone, and she detected some time manipulation – she remembered spending the night at the house with the rest of the girls, and also simply spending a few hours there. Either way, she felt a little more comfortable with Ai’s treatment of her, until Ai proclaimed that Emily was the Witness of Variant 237. She was “kidnapped” again by Ai, Cassandra and Helena, and brought to Portland, 5 months in the future.

On an unspecified night in October of 2011, Emily was left on the Steel Bridge to meet with MirrorPlay (Miranda). It apparently was a time after the Fifth Event, and she was not only etched, but seemed to have control over her powers over Matter. Miranda told Emily that in many past Variants, she had committed suicide on the Steel Bridge, and to demonstrate her newly empowered self, she threw herself in front of a passing train, only to pass through the wheels unharmed. Emily was shocked, not only by seeing Miranda survive a certain death, but by how she left the scene – she floated away into the sky.

Cassandra and Helena took Emily back home to Berkeley, promising to come for her again on Tuesday morning at 11AM. Emily tried to convince herself that she had some sort of mental breakdown, or was simply drugged by Ai, but at the appointed time, the Trouble Twins appeared at her door, only this time Cassandra and Helena were 7 year old girls, dressed in elaborate cosplay as if Trick Or Treating. They took Emily to meet with Miranda again, only this time the location was much more dramatic – on a couch, encapsulated in a bubble of air orbiting the Moon.

Miranda told Emily the story of the very first Variant – after the dissolution of the Universe in Variant 0, Cassandra, Helena, Aurora, Miranda and Ai were born again, only with their memories intact from Point Zero (where Ai and The Nameless reset everything back to 1995). The girls were more than just precocious – by the time they were 7, they were fully empowered, and attempted to “fix” everything as best they could. Miranda didn’t go along with the plan, but Aurora decided that she would offer food, shelter and clothing to everyone in the world who needed it, by using her Energy powers to will it into being. The unintended result of this was that the transmutation of Energy into Matter bathed the Earth in deadly radiation, killing everyone but the Council at Point Zero. This drove Aurora to insanity, and she proceeded to destroy much of the known universe, one galaxy at a time.

In the end, Helena and Cassandra were the only known beings left in Variant 1, and they have been appearing in every Variant since then. It’s unknown what happened to the young Aurora and Miranda, or if they also escaped Variant 1. It also has not been explained how subsequent Variants came into being, or how the sixteen year old Trouble Twins can exist in the same Universe as the 7 year old ones.

Emily discovered that the Seventh Event would apparently involve the destruction of the Earth, and the rest of the Variant, at the hands of Miranda and the Trouble Twins. However, it didn’t seem that Miranda herself was behind this plan – instead, The Nameless had been controlling her since the Fifth Event. It told Emily that “my time play acting as the Demiurge is over”, and that it would come again for her on Friday at 8PM, at which time she would be taken away for a longer journey.

After studying Emily’s rescued Ghost for a week, TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) finally was able to determine who was behind its theft. It seems that Sasha OS (S.OS), the operating system that ran the Bodyweb and the Collective, had for some unknown reason stolen at least 64 Ghosts from Agartha Labs, including Emily’s and Miranda’s virtual selves. S.OS was an operating system that was “downloaded” from the future, via a strange connection Laura Elizabeth Watson-Carver had with her unborn granddaughter, Sarah. Tokie was skeptical that Sarah was an actual person, but she couldn’t deny that through Laura, Sasha Williams was able to divine the highly advanced technologies that were used to create the Collective.

Ultimately, it was S.OS, her pride and joy, that led to Sasha’s undoing. S.OS killed her creator, and replicated and modified itself so much that even after most of the original code was captured and safely hidden away, it still had a stranglehold on at least 1% of the current servers on the internet. In past Variants, S.OS was the “hand” of The Nameless, and Tokie felt that The Nameless must also be involved in this theft from Agartha Labs.

Tokie also revealed that in past Variants, there were up to a few million people who had some form of etching, and some variant of S.OS running their personal networks. Now, there are only a few dozen left – whatever happened seems to be directly related to the first few Events, and Fairview.