Season 1, Week 14 – “Memories”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

73) All Hail The Fan GhostsBurning Bridges
74) Elixir of MateriaBlog Paradoxes And Birthday Attacks
75) Die DatabaseAgartha Labs GhostServer Scheduled Maintenance
76) Elixir of MateriaInstant Deja Vu Nostalgia

During her normal Sunday morning walking tour of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) was surprised to meet Isabel, Number 11 from the Collective. She flew to Tokyo to warn Tokie about MirrorPlay (Miranda) and the Trouble Twins, specifically Helena.

Her warning about Miranda was that she, through the influence of The Nameless, was liable to “kill us all”. The danger caused by Helena was more complicated – Isabel told Tokie that she has went to High School with the Trouble Twins, and that they were a part of the scene at the Treehouse, as detailed in the antizine Fragment Yard Stick Vs. Tape Measure. It seemed that they were present at all pivotal events in Collective history, including the last Suspender concert in 1994 (antizine Fragment Into The White), and at Fairview in 2000 (antizine Fragment Our America Heritage). Isabel called them the “universal puppeteers”.

In confidence, Isabel told Tokie that April (Number 6 from the Collective), the mother of the twins, was only expecting one girl. However, at the time of Helena’s birth, Cassandra seemed to spontaneously appear in her womb, and was born a minute later. Thus, the theory was that instead of being identical twins, Cassandra was actually a “time shifted” version of Helena. Instead of the Structure giving the powers of Space and Time to the twins separately, Helena always had the full power, but mentally fragmented herself into her “twin sister” Cassandra, for unknown reasons.

Tokie debated whether she should include this information in her later blog post about the day, and as soon as she did, there was a cascading change in all Variants. Helena then confronted Tokie in Ikebukuro that Sunday, with Cassandra no where to be found. She strongly implied that the sheer act of sharing that secret about Helena’s birth, publicly where she could later read it, was enough to “kill” Cassandra, and permanently affect the Structure. Tokie didn’t believe that this was possible, but she couldn’t deny that her writings could one day lead to the death of Cassandra, and the reintegration of the powers of Space and Time into just one person, Helena. Helena didn’t elaborate further during this brief meeting, except that the reason that she lost her eyes, when EurythmyGirl (Kaia) was first taken over by the Nameless, was that she begged the Nameless to bring back Cassandra from nothingness. The Nameless replied that Helena “didn’t deserve to see at all” after not recognizing the true nature of her “sister”.

Tokie also deduced that it was the Nameless that was responsible for kidnapping Miranda, and that it was going to etch her by force, so it could take over Miranda’s body (and powers over Matter) in time for the Fifth Event – some point in October, 2011. That gave her only 5 months to try to find a way to prevent it.

HikariFan (Emily) met with Miranda (under the control of the Nameless) on Friday, May 20 at 8PM. From that point, she was transported to unspecified locations in space and time, and returned to Berkeley on Friday, May 20 at 10PM. In that two hours she had actually experienced 6 months – her hair was a few inches longer, and she was also etched. Emily mentioned that she had been to “at least one” Point Zero, and that she had come back on an unspecified mission. In the few days after she had returned, she had time to “plant the seeds”, but now had to erase all of her memories of that missing time, so that neither Miranda nor Ai Watson-Carver could access them. Finally, she told Emily not to erase her blog, even if she couldn’t remember writing it – she promised that “you’ll know what to do when the time is right.”

After her memories were selectively erased, “Emily” was fully confused and concerned. She read over her blog, and that of other Die Database Fan Cloud members, but she couldn’t remember any of it. She looked around her computer and apartment, and couldn’t find any evidence that she was ever involved with Die Database – not even a stray t-shirt, email or MP3 file. She poured over her skin, but could not find any invisible marks designating her as Pure Land Antenna. She could still remember the last semester at U.C. Berkeley, and her friends and roommates, but anything that touched the Collective was a blank. Her initial conclusion was that the whole thing, including the video of her on the blog, was some sort of elaborate hoax, but she couldn’t explain how that was even possible. She arranged to see a doctor about her memory loss, and also about a constant feeling of deja vu she was experiencing. However, she was very hesitant to get professional help, for fear that if she mentioned the full context of her experiences – that she may have lost her memory after time traveling to the end of the world – that would only lead to psychiatric evaluation. The only things she knew for certain was that the name on her driver’s license was not “Emily”, and that her hair was much longer than she ever remembered it being in the past.

Die Database announced that all GhostSever and GhostClient activity would be shut down from Wednesday May 25th to Friday May 27, for “maintenance”. Tokie’s comment about this on Twitter (“It’s about time you’re shutting down”) implied that this was directly connected to the intrusion over a month ago, that led to the theft of at least 64 Ghosts. The question is whether this maintenance was enough to resolve the problem, and to counteract the apparent influence of Sasha OS (S.OS).