Season 1, Week 15 – “Sleep”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

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Concerned about her physical and mental health, after her recent selective memory loss, HikariFan (Emily) went to a nearby hospital for tests. The doctor suggested that her problems with memory and “deja vu” were probably stress related, and prescribed anti-anxiety meditation. She also had various blood and urine tests done, with no results yet.

She managed to take her mind off of things with the usual distractions, including video games and her secret crush – someone who often comes into the café where she works. “Emily” (who still denies that is her real name) seems hesitant to give any details about this man, at least via her blog. However, she did share other personal details, including the fact that she hadn’t been able to sleep well lately – she kept waking up with a ravenous appetite, constant desire to use the restroom, and phantom pains all over her body.

Finally, she tried to take the advice of some of her blog readers, and look for methods to “see” the invisible etching that was supposed to be on her skin. However, all such potential technology had been removed from her apartment, along with any evidence of her ties to Die Database.

TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) spent a friendly evening with Satomi Kurogane of Die Database, going to the movies in the Metropolitan Plaza, which is adjacent to the Ikebukuro Train Station in Tokyo. However, all during the show, Satomi seemed unusually distracted, even exhausted – Tokie attributed this to a long-lasting problem with insomnia that Satomi always tried to hide.

Once they entered the train station, Satomi’s condition quickly worsened – she tried to take off her clothes, and then after exiting the station for some air, she started to rant about strange topics in English. What Tokie managed to remember included mention of Jenny Samuels, Satomi’s ex-girlfriend back in the US – “I keep dreaming of Jenny, she’s watching me watch her in my head.” She also mentioned hearing “binary number stations”, and “My left eye knows what’s going on, but my right eye doesn’t.”

Tokie quickly called Yuma Natsume, the singer of Die Database, to see if she could help. During that brief conversation, Satomi grabbed the phone and said “Look here, I’m going to make 12 other bands, one for each zodiac sign, and they’re going to fight over me to the death. It’s so simple, like taking off your skin and faxing it. My arteries are glowing and my veins are turning black. Watch out!” Soon after, Satomi seemed to space out for 30 seconds, not responding to Tokie at all, followed by her normal, lucid self.

Tokie stuck with her plan to take Satomi to stay with Yuma, at her home in Harajuku. They arrived around midnight, and Masae Ekiguchi, the drummer of Die Database, joined them soon after for an impromptu drinking party. However, Tokie was left with the feeling that the members of Die Database weren’t that surprised by Satomi’s behavior, and that they may be hiding information about other such episodes. Tokie resolved to consult with Ai Watson-Carver about what happened, and to follow Die Database more closely in the days ahead.