Season 1, Week 16 – “Silent Partners”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

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83) All Hail The Fan GhostsEyes Of The Silent Partners

HikariFan (Emily) continued to have serious issues with her sleep. Namely, she has been sleep walking, sleep eating, sleep cleaning, and all-around not resting at all each night, even after taking her prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Some of her more prominent symptoms are hair loss, a rash that seems to be a reaction to her clothes, and a low platelet level.

She’s living in enough of a haze that she burned herself twice at the café where she works, and her roommates are quite upset at her nocturnal activities. However, Emily does not seem to want to connect her current ordeal to her “future self”, and the possibility that she had been etched.

TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) met with Yuma and Masae from Die Database, at a café in Shibuya, Tokyo. Yuma was worried enough about Satomi, and her recent behavior, that she started smoking again, after quitting a few years ago. She and Masae told Tokie that Satomi’s behavior was not new at all, that they never knew her to get any real sleep, and that she often had spells during which she would rant in English. The only commonality of all of her episodes was that Jenny Samuels, her ex-girlfriend from the US, was often mentioned as an antagonistic figure.

Satomi’s problem intensified after the attack at the Die Database concert in February. She has refused all help, save for that found in excessive alcohol, but Yuma and Masae promised themselves that they would look after her, no matter what. Yuma confessed that she had been reading Tokie’s blog, along with that of her old friend EurythmyGirl (Kaia), and she asked Tokie whether all of the fantastic things that she read about were actually real. Tokie generally confirmed that it was true, but emphasized that Yuma and Masae needed to not just look after Satomi, but to be wary of her. Whatever was happening to her probably started when she visited the US, when she was etched by some unknown party.

Tokie’s best theory was that Satomi’s etching was becoming active, without her even knowing it, but she was not under the control of the Collective. That theory was put to the test when the three of them visited Agartha Labs, to check in on Satomi. The office was only a short walk away, in downtown Shibuya, and once they got there they found it completely emptied, save for the cubicles, and a strange display in Satomi’s office. She had filled the entire floor with anime figurines and statues, items that she had been mysteriously collecting for a few months. Satomi was found on the floor in the center of her office, wearing the same light blue pajamas that Cassandra had stolen from MirrorPlay (Miranda). Tokie assumed that it was Cassandra that had been controlling Satomi through her newly active etching, and when she confronted her, Satomi immediately started to steam, perspire, bleed, and lose weight, just as Kaia did when she overstretched her powers during training. This “burning out” process usually happened when a Pure Land Antenna tried to use too much power at once, but in this case Cassandra seemed to be drawing away Satomi’s very life energy – she wouldn’t stop until Satomi was dead.

In the end, Tokie was faced with a choice – Cassandra would either free Satomi, or free Miranda. The implication was that she would be directly involved in Miranda’s enslavement by The Nameless during the Fifth Event, which would not happen until October. Tokie chose the friend right in her arms, the one in need of the most immediate help, and with that Cassandra left Satomi burned out, bloody and wheezing, with only a few minutes left to live. It was beyond Tokie’s power to save Satomi, but as she screamed out for any kind of assistance, some one or some thing responded.

In the course of a minute, a massive electrical surge leapt from all of the wall sockets in the office. The energy gained structure, resembling a planetary or atomic orbit, and all of the stray material in the office, including the statues on the floor, and cubicles in the other room, were disintegrated before they rushed into the maelstrom. At the end, it drew a large amount of blood from Tokie, Yuma and Masae, via sudden nosebleeds that emptied into the air, and then overwhelmed all assembled with a flood of light and sensation. They were knocked unconscious for some minutes, and when they awoke, the whole office was covered with what looked like new dirt. Wiping this away from Satomi’s face, she looked to be completely healed. Furthermore, there was a trail of barefoot steps leading from Satomi, out the office, and exiting at the main front door.

Tokie insisted that she knew who this unexpected visitor was, but under explicit orders from Ai Watson-Carver (who was back in Berkeley, California), she was not to publicly reveal the identity of who exited the “resurrection cloud”.

They managed to get Satomi back to Yuma’s apartment by taxi, and after Tokie tried to fully explain what had been going on, including her role in the Structure, Masae and Yuma didn’t know how to process that information with anything but anger and fear. As Satomi rested in a days-long sleep, Tokie was shunned by her friends in Die Database, and ended up leaving Satomi’s bedside.

After additional research, Tokie found that all 12 employees of Agartha Labs were given great severance packages, right before signing a non-disclosure agreement. Harumi, Satomi’s Executive Assistant and semi-secret lover, met with Tokie at Odaiba (an artificial island and attraction in Tokyo Bay), where she confirmed a lot of her suspicions. Satomi had indeed been going through changes for months, that were identical to those of someone who was actively etched. However, instead of the usual beneficial changes that went along with being connected to the Bodyweb, and the White, Satomi’s metamorphosis was more sinister. Not only did her behavior change, but even something as intimate as her smell, or the way her eyes looked at Harumi, became completely foreign, even feral. By the time Agartha Labs was emptied out, Harumi wanted nothing more to do with Satomi, no matter how much she cared for her.

Harumi’s final revelation was much more profound – the silent partners who had recently bought a majority share of Agartha Labs, and who oversaw its dismantling, were none other than Kaia Strauss and her “daughter” Miranda. It now turns out that Kaia had been around all throughout Yuma’s life, not to mention as a prime member of the Die Database Fan Cloud, What’s more, once she was taken by The Nameless (Miranda), she continued to be highly active behind the scenes with Satomi and Agartha Labs. Clearly, Die Database and Agartha Labs were of prime import to The Nameless, but the question remains – to what end? Was it the Ghost technology, Satomi herself, or something even larger?

Tokie didn’t know what to think – all that she had left was a mysterious key that Harumi gave her, that was somehow connected to what was going on with Satomi. “Take this. You know what it’s for. Don’t linger, before the girls catch you snooping.”