Season 1, Week 18 – “Bottles”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

86) All Hail The Fan GhostsAshes To Ashes
87) Point ZeroInsanity Check
88) All Hail The Fan GhostsPure Land Coat Rack

After Ai Watson-Carver’s account of what happened at the First Event, TokiDokiDucky (Tokie) had strong flashbacks to when Jenny Samuels, under the control of Sasha OS (S.OS) and the Nameless, killed John Watson-Carver. Namely, she remembered the sensation of dying, when she was reduced to dust by the 5 year old MirrorPlay (Miranda), only to be resurrected moments later. She also recalled what happened next, when Jenny “pushed” the kids, who had recently awoken to their powers, to remove all evidence of John’s murder, by remaking his body and placing it on his bed, as if he had died in his sleep, instead of by knife. After this, all of the children had their memories wiped by Jenny, except for Ai, who was beyond the control of the Nameless. Thus, it was Ai’s memory of the event, related via her blog, that finally dislodged the block and let Tokie remember what happened.

Tokie also related how she felt that Variant 237 was tailor made by the Nameless to influence and trap the Council at Point Zero. In retrospect, the very structure of Agartha Labs and Die Database was seen as suspect by her – without going into much detail, she said that they “were a sort of idealized, romantic vision of what I had always been looking for”. She worked at Circle X, a store that was intimately connected with S.OS, and her closest friends were highly influenced by Satomi Kurogane, who was now being controlled by the Nameless. Without realizing it, she had been led in a very specific direction for this whole Variant, like “a rat in a maze” – she just didn’t know exactly what the destination was going to be.

Even though she felt that it was probably another element of this life-long trap, she still took the key to Satomi’s apartment that Harumi gave her. Instead of spending hours in the apartment searching by hand, she used a special virtual surveying tool, the World Object File Apparatus (WOFA) to collect highly detailed information about the space. This “Pure Land Coat Rack” was designed by the Collective years ago to aid in their creation of a complete virtual representation of the world – most of the work was done by Pure Land Antennas, who could survey directly with their bodies, but at times the WOFA aided in this process.

Even though the WOFA scan took only a few minutes, it would take over a week for Tokie’s computers to process the data, and construct the virtual environment. The process would have been much faster if she just uploaded the scan to the Bodyweb, but she was afraid that S.OS would find some way to access it. Therefore, she planned to finish the processing by the weekend, and then explore Satomi’s home in detail.

Tokie did find one strange thing during her brief visit to Satomi’s apartment – a life-sized humanoid sculpture made out of clear plastic. More specifically, it seemed to be made out of PET drink bottles, which had been melted, stretched and otherwise manipulated into body parts for this incomplete sculpture – only one arm and leg were available, along with the torso. There were also bare metal wires embedded into the pieces, suggesting that the sculpture would actually be able to move when it was done. It did have elaborate joints and artificial muscles, and unusual circuitry that seemed to be taken from phones and other common appliances. Tokie found a discarded plastic hand in the garbage – it was visibly damaged and melted – and took it with her for further physical analysis.

Ai mentioned how she would soon “run away from home”, and follow in the footsteps of her mother, and other members of the original Collective – leaving their families and lives to join the cause. In her case, it would be the ultimate campaign to stop S.OS and the Nameless, who seemed to be running unchecked in this Variant, unlike in the past. She assumed that the Nameless had targeted Miranda as the Chosen Light since her “complete dominion over ever last sub-atomic particle and galaxy cluster” would enable it to remake the material world. In past Variants, Miranda was aligned with Ai and the Collective, but now it seemed that the Nameless would control Miranda by the time the Fifth Event happened in October. If the Nameless could also control the powers of Space/Time, as embodied by the Trouble Twins (Cassandra and Helena), the Universal Structure would be its plaything.

After the Third Event in the year 2000, S.OS was imprisoned within Jenny, and what remained of its (known) fragments were removed from all networks. It’s self-replication routines were destroyed, but it could not be fully deactivated without killing her. Jenny’s etching and brain were significantly altered, so that she would have no memories at all of the Collective, or her part in it. That included removing Laura Watson-Carver, her first love and partner in antizine, from all traces of her internal existence. This alteration induced the symptoms of a broad spectrum of mental illness, and the Collective circumscribed her movements into a few miles of the San Francisco Bay Area, centered around Berkeley.

Jenny ended up working as a teacher and tutor, which is how she met Satomi a few years ago. It seems that the Collective even monitored Jenny’s numerous girlfriends over all Variants, and found ways to end the relationships if they seemed to get too close to Jenny’s true nature, as captive and captor.

When Ai visited Jenny during one of her regular supervisory check-ins, she noticed a large number of photographs of Satomi on her refrigerator – images that Jenny took herself, and photos from her career with Agartha Labs and Die Database. Ai also noticed that Jenny had started to have an OCD flair-up, with one room of her apartment filled with hundreds of hoarded, empty PET drink bottles, carefully bundled and stacked.