Season 1, Week 19 – “Home”

Note: This summary contains SPOILERS – if possible, read the original blog posts and tweets in chronological order to get the whole experience.

89) All Hail The Fan GhostsWorshipping Clear Plastic High Tops
90) Elixir Of MateriaDeflecting The Wink Eye

The data from Satomi Kurogane’s apartment, captured by the World Object File Apparatus (WOFA), was finally ready to be analyzed by TokiDokiDucky (Tokie). She started by running it through Collective technology, and studied the space down to the microscopic level. By examining trace elements like bacteria, DNA left from skin and hair, and fingerprint oils, she was able to determine that Harumi, Satomi’s Executive Assistant and secret girlfriend, had been spending less and less time at the apartment over the past few months. Her traces were also over the arm of the plastic robot sculpture that Satomi had been working on.

The WOFA was also able to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and depth penetrating waves to fully capture all printed material in the space. It could even read the data from her magnetic hard drives and flash drives from a distance. Given this information, Tokie put together a picture of Satomi’s recent activity. As long as she had been living there, she was waking up in the middle of the night, perhaps in a daze, or even sleepwalking. During that time she had constructed the sculptures, and also worked on music for Die Database. The assumption was that her status as Dark Antenna (someone who is etched but not actively using that technology) had something to do with this nocturnal activity.

She assumed that the force behind Satomi’s strange activity was Sasha OS (S.OS), an assumption that was confirmed when she logged into the WOFA data using one of the GhostServers that she bought from the GhostAuction. That stolen Agartha Labs technology, controlled in some way by S.OS, was able to perfectly interpret the WOF data, as if it was able to emulate Collective technology. This would make sense, considering that the original core of S.OS is what eventually became the Bodyweb.

All of this said, Tokie was still shocked to find Sasha Williams’ Ghost waiting for her in the GhostServer version of Satomi’s apartment. This figure was controlled by S.OS, who proceeded to grab Tokie via her eyephones – modulating the visual data so that it hypnotized her. S.OS then had a captive audience, as it told Tokie “five terribly important things”, punctuated by virtual environments to accentuate its point:

5) “Your species is really stupid, worshiping the Sun and/or Earth via elaborate fairy tales, punctuated by lots of blood.” (via an African savannah)
4) “The White is not Heaven, not by a long shot. That’s why I have to get there.” (via the White)
3) “The Black is not an empty space, and the Chosen Light must illuminate it, to show the implicit order.” (via the Black)
2) “In the beginning, let there be light, etc. But who had ears to hear?” (via a mixture of the White and Black, representing the beginning of the Universe)
1) “On Monday night next week, at 19:00, the Chosen Light will come to get you. You’re on the guest list for the last Suspender concert ever, plus one.” (via the front of the warehouse where the last Suspender concert took place, in Berkeley, 1994)

During this presentation, S.OS manipulated the plastic arm from the sculpture in various ways, to punctuate her points.

Tokie swore that she would stop – kill – S.OS by any means possible. S.OS countered with additional questions:

“Why does the delicious apple have so many seeds, each infinitesimally poisonous?”
“If you were a tree, wouldn’t you just hate to grow in a big pile of dust and ashes? Or, wouldn’t you just love it? Let’s find out.”

S.OS then left the environment, giving control back to Tokie. She then proclaimed that she only had one week left to live – one week before she would be forced to meet with the Nameless.

HikariFan (Emily) was having a much better experience in Berkeley, despite some real setbacks. She revealed to her roommates that she was seeing Joey. Judy (Sekigai), who saw Joey for about a week, got intensely angry at Emily, and attacked her with her bike helmet before leaving in a huff. Melissa (Shigai) took the opposite path, and kept flirting with Joey until Emily had to leave the room with him.

The next morning, Judy and Melissa told Emily that she could either break up with Joey, or move out of the apartment. Emily chose to leave the apartment; her blog entry mentioned her former roommates by name, since she felt no more friendly need to project their identities. Joey helped her moved out, and even allowed her to use part of his storage unit for her things, until she found a new place.

Until then, she planned to stay with Joey – a fact that was quite exciting to her, since their relationship was growing more serious. She was not just highly attracted to him, but she felt like she could only sleep soundly when she was around him, after weeks of restless torture.

She also mentioned that Joey was planning to take her to a special punk concert in Berkeley, in a warehouse on Monday night.